The New Orleans Food Cooperative

Okay, so I know that everyone is probably tired of hearing how awesome and progressive the Bywater and Marigny are.  I live here and work here and even I am starting to get a little annoyed when people say, “oh the Bywater is so bohemian and artsy” or “I love how everyone in the Marigny is an artist or musician.”  Yes, it’s cool, we love it here.  It has its caveats, though and it would serve no purpose to go on about what isn’t so great about the neighborhood.  Mostly because it’s out of our hands and there’s only so much we can do to, say, get a park or have more gardens, or better prices on our rent.  But the good news is that there is one glaring problem with our area that we CAN do something about.  The problem that is currently be solved by some amazing fellow neighbors (and some hefty developers and grant money) is getting a grocery store!  How much does is suck to have to ride your bike in the rain and heat and cold to Rouse’s in the French Quarter or to get to Mardi Gras Zone and they’re all out of tomatoes or whatever random thing you need to complete your dinner? That arduous task will exist no longer when the New Orleans Food Cooperative opens its doors later this spring at 2372 St. Claude Avenue inside of the Healing Center.

Here’s the catch:  they need our support.  In being a cooperative, they need members (like you) to join. Your membership money will enable them to stock the shelves appropriately, get locally grown and organic produce at a better price, and ensure that they will always be flush with tomatoes for your all-important pico de gallo!  It’s a win-win for everyone.  So do it.  Keep the neighborhood as cool as everyone says it is and support the co-op.  Oh, and the people running it are awesome and dedicated. No need to worry that your money is going to some greedy corporate headquarters in Atlanta or Dallas.  That money stays right here.

Sign up on their website or at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market or even at Satsuma.  Just sign up.


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